Parkville Station

2016 student election nominations released

Check out who’ll be contesting the election.

Negotiations, week 3, 2016

We’re led to understand that “the deal” did never quite work out.

What is Stop 2?

What’s happening with the bar space on the first floor of Union House?

All motions pass at UMSU week 12 SGM

UMSU now has a People of Colour department; a new definition of ‘woman’, and requirements to see > 50% of Committee reps be women.

GSA elections 2016: the results

Total turnout was 2,326 voters: 8.3% of the population of eligible graduate students.

Government delivers boring, safe pre-election budget

The government will introduce a new youth job readiness programme (called “PaTH”), cut company taxes, and make changes to Australia’s superannuation (retirement) scheme too complicated to explain. Also, Jobs and Growth looks like it will be the slogan of the budget. These measures were contained in the federal government’s 2016/17 budget, which was announced today […]

Higher education budget fizzer

Budget leaves Uni funding, students in limbo