Parkville Station

Ticket preferences

If you vote with a single “1” above the line for a committee, you will adopt that ticket’s preferences on that committee. If you’re voting “1” above the line for a ticket that has only a small chance of winning, your vote will instead work to elect candidates on a different ticket.

We’ve drawn a quick reference flowchart:

Tickets preferences flowchart

The Whigs are not contesting Students’ Council so have no preferences for it. We have drawn an arrow to More! because on all other committees, their preferences generally flow to More! (sometimes after independents).

The Biggest Blackest Ticket are not listed in this chart as they are not running for any contested committees.

We drew this flowchart by tracing each ticket’s preferences for Students’ Council General Representatives to the first major (OB-contesting) ticket.

Of course, preferences flow further than that (and there’s more than just Students’ Council) — so if you want to vote above the line, make sure you read the full preferences list.

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