Parkville Station

Interview: Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

Our interview with the Macbeth leads.

UMSU elections 2016: what you want to know

Welcome to student election week.

UMSU elections 2016: what you need to know

Not a member of UMSU and so don’t care? Think again.

Interview: Returning Officers

Parkville Station talks to Charles Richardson (Returning Officer) and Stephen Luntz (Deputy RO) about the 2016 UMSU elections.

I don’t want to lecture you, but…

I’ll let you in on a secret.

Logged on to UniWireless?

You’re being watched.

Sander Bredal, UMSU Intl President

Sander Bredal is the newly inaugurated President of UMSU International, responsible for representing international students. We spoke to him about himself and the role.