Parkville Station

News snippets, ed 1 2016

Future Students Info Centre rolled into Stop 1

Stop 1 continues its domination of the ‘user-facing’ side of the University, with the Future Students Information Centre in the Redmond Barry building closing down and having its functions rolled into Stop 1. No word yet on what the space will be used for.

Melbourne Metro drilling to start on Grattan St

Melbourne has been dotted with geotechnical drilling sites for the Melbourne Metro project for the past several months. These are aimed at understanding the soil and rock conditions in the areas where Metro tunnels will be bored, as well as collecting groundwater samples periodically until April. The eventual result will hopefully be an actual Parkville station to complement this

Drilling will start on Grattan St as this goes to print. The Melbourne Metro Rail Authority says that diversions for pedestrian, bicycle and car traffic will be in place, and access to the University and its surrounds will be unimpeded.

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