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Bachelor of Environments in trouble?

The University of Melbourne Academic Board is considering the future of undergraduate subjects within the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning (FABP); which puts into doubt the continuation of the Bachelor of Environments, one of the six major “New Generation” courses introduced in 2008 with the Melbourne Model.

The Academic Board is one of the major governance organs of the University, responsible for approving the creation and discontinuation of courses. Its membership includes all full professors of the University.

At a meeting yesterday, the Academic Board formally approved the creation of the Bachelor of Design within the FABP. It is not clear whether the Board has approved the exact structure for the course, but a plan produced by the Academic Programmes Committee suggests potential majors include architecture, construction, digital media, spatial systems and urban planning.

While this change does not mean the end for BEnv yet — it remains on the University’s register of courses — the course design has faced criticism for requiring too much specialisation, not adequately preparing students for later postgraduate studies, and a slant towards certain majors in the degree.

At the moment, we have no information about what this might mean for current students of the Bachelor of Environments (particularly those studying part time or with interrupted studies), nor whether there will be a 2017 Bachelor of Environments intake by the University.

Are you a BEnv student? Do you agree the course needs a radical restructure? Shoot us a message at to have your say.

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