Parkville Station

Letters, edition 6

Evangelical Union at the University of Sydney

Dear Sir/Madam/Non-Binary-identifying-personae

I like to categorise myself as the thoroughly Progressive sort. And yet even I couldn’t help reading your recent article about the USyd Student Union’s proposal to de-register the campus Evangelical Union, on the basis that they require members to actually BE Christians, without the little Alan Jones in my head screaming “Political Correctness Gone Mad!!!”.

It seems like a fairly moot point that prospective members of an Evangelical Christian club should actually be Christians, if redundant (who are these mysterious non-Christians trying to join?). I might understand if, say, an Anime club restricted membership to those who accepted the principles of Hayekian economics, but this isn’t the case. This is simply a club asking that membership be restricted to people who actually believe in their stated aims.

And I’m curious to know how this issue even came up. Is membership in the Evangelical Union particularly sought after at USyd? Is it THE club to be in? Are there throngs of disappointed atheists and agnostics who, gosh-darnit just HAD to be a member of an EVANGELICAL club??

The whole situation is ludicrous and boggles the mind. I do hope that positions in the USU aren’t paid like in the UMSU, because if they are then the buffoons behind this farce are an absolute waste of student fees.

Yours Exasperatedly,

George Paton Gallery

Dear Parkville Station,

I’ve been at uni for over 2 years now and have never actually seen anyone in the George Paton Gallery. What does it actually do and do you think it’s a waste of uni time and money?

A bewildered second floorer

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