Parkville Station

Letters, edition 5

Why the obsession with clubbing?

Imagine it’s pub night. Your at your local waterhole with some good mates enjoying some (relatively) cheap drinks. There’s laughter, there’s banter, there’s the odd Parmigiana and chips floating around. It’s a good night out.

But then, your mates want to leave. They want to go clubbing. Of course they do, isn’t it cool to go clubbing? Isn’t it just the best fun? No. Hell no. Clubbing is about the most overrated things we do. Sure, who doesn’t love to dance, and who doesn’t enjoy the company of intoxicated friends. I get that. But to have to do it in a cramped, hot, sweaty space, where buying drinks eats at your wallet and where you can’t get a single word across to anyone let alone a conversation is beyond me. It’s not as good as people make it out to be.

And frankly, it’s saddening to think the purpose of clubbing, for many, is to slobber all over the face of an attractive person. Yeah sure, making out is great, but is it really the be all and end all to a good night out? Sounds like a lot of guys can relate to Jay from The Inbetweeners.

The attitude towards clubs should be closely looked at. When an awesome night should be a fun time with friend, or perhaps a chance to meet new people, why would a club be our first pick?

— Matthew



I was upset to read the quiz in your last edition. The latter section was
listed as “PhD”, however when I observed the questions they were obviously
questions directed at doctorate by coursework.
I would appreciate if this was kindly fixed in the next edition.

Stern regards,
Concerned Student.

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