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“Accounting irregularities” at University-owned service provider

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Reports have emerged of “accounting irregularities” at MU Student Union Ltd (MUSUL Services), relating to cash deposits made during 2015. MUSUL Services, a body owned by the University of Melbourne, is separate from the University of Melbourne Student Union (UMSU, the body usually seen as the “student union” on campus) and provides back-of-house services to UMSU and the Graduate Student Association (GSA) under a contract.

“UMSU is deeply concerned that financial and accounting practices were open to abuse”
— UMSU Media Release

Parkville Station reported this week on tensions between UMSU and MUSUL relating to deficiencies in provision of services such as human resources and finance.

It appears that some physical cash that was handled by MUSUL Services did not make it to the bank, and accordingly wasn’t credited to UMSU’s financial statements. According to UMSU, MUSUL says that UMSU will not lose any money as a result of this, although it is not clear whether this means that MUSUL has successfully recovered all money, or whether it is being covered from within MUSUL’s own budget.

“No UMSU staff nor student office bearers were involved.”
— MUSUL CEO Trevor White

In a media release, UMSU made clear that none of its staff or elected student representatives were involved in the irregularities. In a statement to Parkville Station, MUSUL Services backed up this account, and told us that an investigation had resulted in one of MUSUL’s staff members ceasing to work for the organisation.

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